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Actual masternode version
dashd v?.?.?.? / Sentinel is obsolete!
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Masternodes Statistics


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An estimated daily payout per masternode version can be seen here.
Masternodes Distribution per Reported Version (and Protocol)
Daemon monitoring
ID Status Version Protocol Blocks Last block hash Connections
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Payee Block Template history (Masternode voting consensus)
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Masternodes List explanations :

Port Checking:

  • Unknown: New entry that will be checked as soon as possible (usually less than 15min)
  • Open: Port was open during last check (time to next check in parenthesis, re-check after 1h)
  • Closed: Port was closed during last check (time to next check in parenthesis, re-check after 1h) [Your node can be shown as closed but be working fine, the port scanner can be banned by your node for 24h]


Status Meaning
Active (100%) Masternode is listed and has status "1" (masternode list).
This is what you want for your masternode.
Inactive (0%) Masternode is listed but has status "0" (masternode list)
Possible reasons:
  • Masternode is not responding (port 9999 must be open on your firewall, if you see Closed below, there is your problem)
  • The 1000 DASH were removed from the masternode start wallet
  • The masternode is getting banned (active on some but inactive on others):
    Try masternode start with a fresh/new local wallet (don't forget to send your 1000 DASH to that new wallet!!)
    This will force a new masternode pubkey (I fixed my dmn01 with that trick)
  • Make sure you have the latest daemon version
Partially Inactive/Unlisted Masternode is not fully active (some, but not all, nodes see it as inactive [with "0" in masternode list] or unlisted [not in masternode list]).
The Percentage indicates how many nodes see it as active (the nearer to 100% the better).


This is the balance of the pubkey, if more than 1000 DASH then it has a green background (there can be up to 15min delay with true balance).


An API is available (some documentation can be found there) to retrieve the information below.

Masternodes List:

Regexp search:

ProTx Hash Vin (Hash-Index) Pubkey IP:Port Status
(Active Score)
Port Check
(Next check)
Version Registered
Balance Last Paid Block PoSe
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