Masternode Detail Monitoring

Masternode identification ???
Vin (Hash-Index): ???
Pubkey: ???
IP:Port: ???
Dash Ninja info
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Masternode is ???
Daemon ID Extended Status Status Daemon Version Daemon Protocol
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Sentinel status is ???
Daemon Version ???
Sentinel Version ???
Port Check Status is ???
The Port Checker tries every hour to read the version number by contacting dashd directly. If it fails, it will continue displaying the last version number it was able to fetch (if there is an error message, the version might be wrong). Protocol is from the masternode start command, so the latest version is good.
Port Check Next Try ???
Daemon Version ???
Daemon Version (Raw) ???
Port Check Error Message ???
Masternode payments - IMPORTANT: Secure your DASH in hardware wallet Balance: ???
Total Paid (Last Month): ???
Date Height Found by MN Payment MNP Ratio
Masternode Expected Masternode Paid
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